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MMORPG Escape is a site for all sorts of information in the focus of MMORPG, try a hand at some exciting game play expereince, playing World of Warcraft, totally AWESOME!WoW, WoW. Check out IKARIAM an AWESOME MMO.

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MMORPG Escape loves gaming! a great RPG, boasts excitement, adventure, a delightful environment visual,and an intense and AWESOME play expereince, Assassin's Creed I. Assassin's Creed II, a must play, very close to release, step back in time when the environment was full of excitement where a privileged young nobleman in Renaissance Italy has been betrayed by a number of rival and high society ruling families of Italy. A quest for vengeance plunges the environment into a captivating, adventure filled, challenging, and epic story that offers additional variety from Assassin;s Creed I for the players. Check out the links below

Assassin's Creed I Reviews/Trailers : Assassin's Creed II Trailer :updated 2009

MMORPG is a special and fun market :)

Games to play, Assassin's Creed I and II, Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Oblivion

  1. The Witcher, Hellgate London, BIOSHOCK
  2. Archload, Runes of Magic,
  • Runescape, Shattered Galaxy, BLACKOUT RO,


The world of vampires, werewolves, and other creatures can offer the player challenge in this gameplay experience, it's the player's destiny to decide this battle outcome!

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